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Our Partnerships - Giving Back to Borneo

Borneo Ethical Adventures works with Sarawak agencies, businesses and friends that protect endangered wildlife, national parks and the minority groups of the region.


Your money is as precious to us as your time and 10% of Borneo Ethical Adventures profits go directly towards supporting these partnerships.


Depending on your tour, you’ll also have the chance to meet our partners firsthand. Whether it’s mucking out an orangutan enclosure at Matang Rehabilitation Centre or planting fruit trees at Batu Bungan School in Mulu National Park or shopping ethically with Heart Treasures in Kuching, you’ll be providing support to the communities, wildlife and natural areas that we encounter.  

Project Orangutan


Project Orangutan at Matang Wildlife Centre has been operating since 1997 and was established to accommodate the growing demand for Sarawak’s endangered species in need of rescue and rehabilitation.


The centre seeks to save and protect the majestic men of the forest, orangutans, and other endangered wildlife, and has evolved to become much more than a traditional rescue centre.


Depending on your tour, you’ll have a chance to lend a hand by volunteering at the centre for a day. You’re bound to fall in love with its creatures and feel a deep sense of satisfaction in doing your part to help with their protection. 


To understand the depth and breadth of Orangutan Project and Matang Wildlife Centre’s achievements and contributions, please visit or join them on Facebook.

Helpinghands Penan


Helpinghands Penan are a small NGO with the mission to empower The Penan families in Sarawak.


As traditional hunter-gatherers, the Penan have only recently emerged from a nomadic life deep in the jungles of Borneo.


Through the power of education, skills development and financial assistance, the volunteers at Helpinghands Penan are changing lives and creating financial independence for the next generation.


Borneo Ethical Adventures donates a percentage of it profits to Helpinghands’ scholarship fund, sells Helpinghand wares in Australia and is working with Helpinghands to develop tourism activities in remote areas.  


Heart Treasures Sdn Bhd


Heart Treasures Sdn Bhd aims to create job opportunities by connecting community and environment.


Established in 2011, the group provides financial security and therapy for disabled adults and youth while creating stunning jewellery and handcrafts from recycled materials.


Heart Treasures currently employes 13 trainees with a range of impairments such as Down Syndrome and Autism. Individuals are trained in areas that work towards improving motor skills, concentration and social interaction.


Heart Treasures was one of nine recipients of the Amplify Award from the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre Social and has opened its own gallery from the proceeds of this grant.


Borneo Ethical Adventures supports this group through donations and including its stores in shopping tours.​

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