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I spent 9 days on a recent Cooking with Culture tour in Borneo during August 2017 with Alison and 5 other  lovely women. Alison was super helpful and knew the neighbourhood places that could provide an authentic local experience. From eating the specialty Oyster omelette with local organic fern at a large open air hall through to navigating the small and tasty stalls for breakfast. The various accommodation was excellent and fitting to the locations. The cooking experiences were wonderful and varied.

Some highlights for me would have to be the World Heritage listed National Park at Mulu, I loved being in the jungle and the thunderstorms and insect life were great. 

The love that the staff at Mulu had for Alison was also apparent in many ways, the people were so friendly and hospitable where ever we went.

Kayaking down river was a great experience not far from Kuching it was an amazing escape into the water and tranquility away from the world. 

A small downside is the amount of sugar added to food and drinks in Borneo, ask for "half or no sugar" I carried small Limes with me to add to food and Mojitos! Make sure its Soda not Lemonade in your Mojitos! 

Each day was a new and completely different adventure. Many delightful and heartfelt surprises.

Treat yourself to a new adventure, you wont be disappointed. 

Hilary, Perth, Western Australia 

August 2017

WOW. I have just returned from the most incredible tour with Borneo Ethical Adventures. It was everything I dreamed and more. I was charmed by the city of Kuching, with its gorgeous river promenade, colourful back alleys and friendly locals. I fell in love with Mulu World Heritage area - this is nature at its absolute finest with jaw-droppingly beautiful caves and rushing rivers set amid the teeming, pulsing, beating heart of the jungle. Ali introduced us to the people she's come to love - people who welcomed us into their lives to cook for us (and share their fave recipes), show off their homes and schools and regale us with stories of the jungle. It also meant so much to us to know that this trip also contributed to the protection and benefit of the people and their stunning natural environment. Thank you, Ali, for sharing this incredible, fragile and stunning part of the world with us. I cannot recommend your tours highly enough.

Samille, Western Australia 

September 2017


“We had the time of our lives in Borneo. Everyday Ali took us deep into the jungles, communities and culture of Borneo and we loved every minute.  My 15 year old still raves about the bat cave and the adventure hike to get there! There’s nothing like feeling you packed it all in and are so satisfied with experiences that will be treasured memories forever. Borneo is now one of my favourite places mainly due to Ali curating the trip to our needs and making sure we were having a fantastic time.  

We would come again, and again…thanks Ali for so many good times and lots of laughs.”


Fremantle, Western Australia

“What made this trip so special was the thought and detail that has been put in.
You have created unique memories we won’t forget.”



Yanchep, Western Australia

Wow! Our tour of wild and amazing Borneo has been an adventure of a lifetime. With the equally amazing Ali as our guide we experienced the outstanding caves of Mulu National Park, the unique culture of the local Penan people and their way of life on the rivers and junge tributaries that make up this beautiful part of our planet.
Ali's special connection with this jungle paradise and the people gave us a special experience that will stay with my partner and I forever. We couldn't believe it when we were taken on a river trip through the lush jungle only to find a feast waiting for us on a secluded bend of the river and to be so welcomed by the Penan people who prepared this surprise and the warmth of their hospitality is something I'll never forget. This is the type of memory that Ali and her team created for us. 
Just amazing and we are already planning our next adventure to beautiful Borneo. Ali has so much more to share with us. Can't wait.


Bern and Julia

Yanchep, Western Australia  

"I have been to Borneo two times and have really enjoyed the experience. Alison has strong connection to the local people which provided us with a unique insight to the life and culture which normally is hard to find....
It was a trip of a lifetime and I will return one day!" 



Melville, Western Australia

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